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Corporate Information
Starting from humble beginnings, Mid-Atlantic Services (MAS) was started in 1980 by Michael and Rosemary Everton of Seaford, DE. Originally, MAS was limited to cleaning residential homes and restoring tile floors for department stores, convenience stores, and factories. With the pristine quality of work MAS provided, we started receiving commercial clients and soon were providing services to DuPont, Con-Agra, and other factories in Sussex County. By 1985, MAS incorporated as a woman owned company and became Mid-Atlantic Services, A-Team Corp.
MAS has been serving the State of Delaware janitorial needs for over 34 years and has grown with the State as they turned from in-house janitorial cleaning to contractual janitorial cleaning. We currently clean over one and a half million square feet from Wilmington to Roxanna and have a staff of over 200 employees. The prices are competitive, and the quality is a step above our competitors.
Vision & Mission
Our goal is to work together with each agency and various facilities to meet their requirements & expectations. At MAS, we’re committed to providing the highest quality of commercial cleaning available by exceeding the expectations of our clients. It is our wish to create and maintain clean and sanitized environments where work performance can thrive. In addition, MAS is also certified in carpet and hard floor surface care.
MAS is an inclusive organization where individuals of all creeds are welcomed and respected on their merits. We strive to act with integrity towards our staff, customers, community and the environment. We seek to provide the best quality experience with regards to our cleaning and our customer service. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability. At MAS, we strive to act with honest and openness and effectively manage staff, collaborate on tasks and communicate with our customers, resulting in a highly efficient service.
Company Capabilities
    • Facilities are staffed according to the total measurable square footage of the building.
    • Adequate staff and time are allowed per building.
    • Additional resources are also allocated to each facility for monthly, quarterly, and annual projects, including, but not limited to, floor projects, on-call emergency requests, and terminal cleans.
    • We employ an operations manager, area county managers, day & evening area supervisors, day porters, and general janitorial staff to maintain facilities. We have office locations in all three counties, respectively, located in Wilmington, Dover, and Seaford.
    • The corporate office is located in Seaford and gives full support to all staff throughout the day and evening.
    • With over 200 employees in all three counties, we have protocols in place to cover any staffing shortages, even on an emergency basis. This would include day and evening hours.
    • A call-in timekeeping system is utilized, and area supervisors and managers are alerted when a facility does not have the appropriate clock-in time on any given shift. When/if this occurs, the building is serviced by other general janitorial staff, the day porter, the supervisor, or the manager. Ongoing employment advertising can be found on our website, Indeed, and Facebook.
    • We have Standard Operating Procedures that all staff is required to review and sign prior to their building assessment.
    • General janitorial staff receives hands-on manager training for a minimum of one week, which includes a review of cleaning responsibilities and floor care maintenance training.
    • Building specifications are reviewed with each employee, as well as the vendor protocol for entering and exiting facilities.
    • Knowledge of the user and storage of various chemicals are reviewed, as well as the assigned storage areas within each building and knowledge of the location of the SDS.
    • All staff is fingerprinted and cleared through Capitol Police.
    • Web-based educational videos offered cover topics of OSHA, Bloodborne Pathogens, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace & Social Media Work Policies.
    • MAS is prepared to participate in quarterly business reviews.
    • MAS encourages communication between our company and the customer for complete customer satisfaction.